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Stuff I would love to get my hands on.

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Black Lagoon
anything Very High
Genga or Douga of Espada #3 Halibel High
Good Girl Lina Medium
Lina from Mirror Mirror OAV Medium
El Hazard
A cel of what is exactly shown. Will Give Kidney
an Aliele putting the moves on Shayla cel Will Give Kidney
Fatora holding Shayla Will Give Kidney
Fatora Making out with Shayla Will Give Kidney
Shayla vs Ditzy Ifurita Will Give Kidney
Jinnai with huge Pettan Card Very High
Mokoto Impersonating jinnai Very High
Mokoto dancing with Nanami in Intro Medium
Mokoto vs Jinnai Medium
Nanami with Money Medium
El-Hazard - Shayla
Anything of Shayla drunk. Will Give Kidney
I know I will never find this cel but incase...... Will Give Kidney
Shayla beyond angry Will Give Kidney
Shayla cel during her power up. Will Give Kidney
Shayla with Pettan Card Will Give Kidney
Young Shayla Giving the finger to Afura Very High
Shayla in Carpet High
Shayla Rock Carving Medium
Gurren Lagann
Something of Yoko Medium
Misc Characters
Dirty Pair Flash - Kei and Yuri Medium
DBZ - Android 18 Low
DBZ - Mr Satan Low
One Piece - Nico Robin in Cowboy Gear Low
Street Fighter 2 Movie - Bison Low
Street Fighter 2 Movie - Cammy Low
Street Fighter 2 Movie - Guile Low
Street Fighter 2 V - Cammy Low
Street Fighter Alpha - Sakura Low
Xmen - Rogue Low
Porco Rosso
I would love to own a cel of Fio or Porco but at an affordable price. Low

Curator: Beatrush
Gallery Created: 1/25/2008
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