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Ifurita underwent a complete makeover in The Wanderers TV series. The tragic, mystifying and fearsome Demon God was given a totally different personality, making her a bubble-headed ditz along the lines of Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo!

She also underwent a major physical redesign, changing costume, hair and eye color, and facial shape, so that television Ifurita resembles a Japanese high school girl more than a woman from an exotic land.

In The Wanderers, she does not become a love interest of Makoto's at all, but stays with Jinnai, cheerfully following his orders -- and trying not to screw them up. Where OVA Ifurita is lethally capable and efficient, the television version is clumsy, incompetent, and extremely forgetful.

However, despite her outward appearence and personality, she is as powerful as the OAV Ifurita.

 Ditzy Ifurita Flying

 Serious Ditzy Ifurita

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