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Kalia is a Demon-God discovered by Jinnai in the second OVA.

While she seems to share some of the same abilities as Ifurita, her real power is absorbing energy and using it to her advantage. It is unknown if she has the capability of copying the techniques of her opponents, however, she *is* fully able to collect and conserve energy from one or multiple attackers and reflect that power back at her leisure. She can also absorb and drain energy from living & biomechanical things through the gauntlets on her hands.

Her true purpose, however, is to be the control of an ancient El-Hazard weapon called the Trigger of Destruction, made in the Holy Wars as a final act of vengeance by tribes affected by the Eye of God. The Trigger itself is essentially a Doomsday Device, annihilating everything caught in its path.

It is speculated that her design was based of Ishiel from the El-Hazard Video Game.

 Kalia Opening Cel

 Kalia Opening Cel


 Kalia dodging attacks


 Kalia repelled

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