El-Hazard - Queen Diva

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Queen Diva is the ruler of the Bugrom. With the exception of a few features, she has the external appearance of a beautiful woman and is the only fully humanoid member of the tribe though it may be an illusion as with the case of the ruler of the Insects in the Alternate World of Creteria.

When Jinnai arrives in El-Hazard and is brought before her by some of her soldiers, she becomes convinced that he is actually a messenger sent by God destined to lead the Bugrom to victory over their enemies in the Alliance.

=== Diva in The Wanderers ===
Diva is very much a background character in the OVA, and she doesn't have much more to do in The Wanderers, either. However, the relationship between her, Jinnai and the bubble-headed Ifurita does take on a rather comedic family dynamic.

 Diva Opening Cel


 Diva from the Alternate World

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