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Rune Venus is a princess of Roshtaria and Fatora's older sister; she is both the leader of Roshtaria and the head of the Alliance. A serious, intelligent and kind-hearted ruler, she sends Makoto and Fujisawa on a mission to locate the Muldoon priestesses so that they can unseal the Eye of God. Even though Fatora's absence renders the superweapon useless, she and the other Alliance members believe that such an action would deter the Bugrom from attacking.

=== Rune in The Wanderers ===
Rune undergoes a dramatic shift in personality and character design in The Wanderers. Younger and cuter, she's closer to Makoto's age and is made into his primary love interest as well as a much more central character in general. She's also more lighthearted and playful, but still serious enough to be a proper ruler. One particular quirk is her habit of talking to a dragon hand-puppet while bathing. Fans often refer to her as "Kiddie Rune".

 Chibi Rune

 Princess Rune Venus

 Princess Rune

 Princess Rune

 Princess Rune

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