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Alielle Relryle is Princess Fatora's lesbian lover. When she learns about Fatora going missing, she becomes worried for her safety and assists Makoto and Fujisawa as they travel to see the three priestesses of Mt. Muldoon, serving as their guide.

Alielle's Personality shifts considerably in the later series. Free from the influence of Fatora, she?s a capable and loyal (if somewhat oversexed) friend to the travelers from Earth. However, in the presence of Fatora, she turns into a sycophantic toady whose main role is to aid the princess in her perpetual plots to sexually harass and occasional assault the other female characters.

=== Alielle in The Wanderers ===
With no Fatora in the series, Alielle's lesbian traits are reduced (eliminated altogether in the dub version beyond a few ambiguous comments), but she otherwise remains very much the same sort of character as before.

 Seductive Alliele

 Alliele Scared

 Alliele Driving

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