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Cels which have multiple characters.

 Fatora and Alliele having fun
(Not Work Safe)

 Nanami Mokoto Shayla Tug-o-war

 Mokoto, Fujisawa and Shayla

 Fujisawa being the responsible Sensei

 Nanami angry at Qawoor

 Miz and Krana

 Qawoor and Emperor Dahl

 Fatora and Alliele Busted

 Jinnai, Bugrum and Queen Diva

 Mokoto Meets Ifurita

 Miz and Fujisawa

 Alliele and Mokoto

 Ditzy Ifurita with Jinnai

 Nanami and Mokoto

 Jinnai Yelling at Groucho

 Jinnai and Diva discussing the Bugrum Population

 Nanami and Mokoto

 Group Shot

 Qawoor nursing Emperor Dahl

 Miz with Servants

 Jinnai and Groucho

 Jinnai and Groucho

 Jinnai and Groucho

 Mokoto taking away Fujisawa's Booze
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