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Ifurita is an ancient Demon God of El-Hazard.

Although the specifics of her origin are never explained, it appears as though she is a biological machine designed to look like a beautiful young woman. When Makoto first encounters her under the high school, she seems to know him for some reason, and treats him warmly. However, later in the series, when Makoto and the others reach the Island of the Demon God, he discovers her still asleep, as she had been for centuries. Jinnai uses the Power Key Staff to wind-up Ifurita, awakening her, and because he is the master of the staff, she emotionlessly does his bidding.

She has the destructive power to level entire cities, and can duplicate any attack or technique that's used against her.

=== OAV 2 ===
In El-Hazard: The Magnificent World 2, there is another, identical looking Ifurita, belonging to a man called Yuba, another dimension-traveller who shares Makoto's powers.

It is revieled that during the Holy Wars, many nations possessed a Ifurita of their own.


 Ifurita signed by the creator of El-Hazard


 Ifurita in Attack Stance


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