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Afura Mann is the wind priestess of Mt. Muldoon. Of the three priestesses, her personality is delved into the least, and she comes off being rather wooden and serious most of the time, although she does make the occasional crack at Shayla's expense. Even though she is about the same age as Shayla, she's much more calm and composed. However, she's also not above shirking her duties.

=== Afura in The Wanderers ===
Afura remains a studious, intelligent priestess in the television series. In this timeline, she is the strongest of the 3 Priestesses because of her intelligence and mastery of her element. She also has a bitter rivalry with Shayla but she also repects her at the same time. There are also hints that she likes Mokoto, but more out of admiration over his intelligence.

 Chibi Afura Mann

 Teen Afura

 Afura Opening Cel



 Afura Mann


 Afura Thinking

 Afura Mann

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