El-Hazard - Mr. Fujisawa

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Fujisawa is not widely respected among his students and has a very strong sense of school spirit. When he crosses over into El-Hazard, he gains super strength and athletic ability; he loses these powers if he has consumed too much alcohol. Also, if he does not smoke for a period of time, the stress amplifies his powers exponentially. Despite his vices, he is a good-hearted individual. He also gains the romantic interest of Miz Mishtal.

=== Fujisawa in The Wanderers ===
Fujisawa does not change very much. The only noticable change is that he is not a smoker.

 Opening Cel

 Fujisawa throwing Bugrom

 Fujisawa with Joint

 Mr. Fujisawa Laughing

 Mr. Fujisawa


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