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Cels of just Shayla-Shayla, whom is one of the only characters I go out of my way for to obtain cels of.

Note: NONE of these are for sale or Offer atm

 Get in the water

 Shayla Power Up

 Shayla Opening

 Shayla Opening

 Shayla Opening

 Shayla Opening

 Shayla Opening

 Shayla charging for Attack

 Shayla Super Embarrassed

 Shayla embarrassed

 Shayla Powering Up

 Shayla Powering Up

 Shayla Charging Up Bank Cel

 Shayla Injured

 Shayla being Cocky

 Shayla on Cloud 9

 Shayla's First Kiss Stolen

 Super Angry Shayla

 Shayla Slipping

 Shayla senses an enemy

 Shayla making her move

 Shayla Attacking

 Shayla Slapped

 Shayla Slapped
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Curator: Beatrush
Gallery Created: 1/25/2008
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